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My name is Andy Soha and I’m asking for your vote on May 24th in the Republican Primary for State Senate - District 32.  Early voting is May 2-20, 2022.


Andy Soha the REAL Conservative Candidate
for State Senate Georgia District 32


  • Election Integrity/Removal of Dominion machines in our elections. Supported HB 1464.

  • Pro Life and the sanctity of the unborn. Will bring legislation to stop Roe vs Wade.

  • Medical Freedom-is against all vaccine and mask mandates.

  • Saving the Children - Stopping CRT/SEL and the indoctrination of our youth. 

  • Create legislation to stop Human/Sex Trafficking in Georgia.

  • Prevent the distribution of illegal drugs and the spread of Gangs in our communities.

  • Stop the Biden Administration from bringing illegal immigrants to Georgia.

  • Repeal of dangerous HB 1013 Mental Health Bill that Kay Kirkpatrick backed.

  • Eliminate the GA State Income Tax.

America First. Georgia First. Integrity First.

 Endorsed by the following:

 The Georgia Republican Assembly

 The Georgia Coalition for Vaccine Choice

 Debbie Dooley - the Chair of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots.

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