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My name is Andy Soha and my family moved to North Atlanta in 1967.  My father worked delivering for Meadow Gold Milk Company.  We grew up in the shadow of Atlanta and watched I-75 as it was being constructed.  We soon become part of the Atlanta family when it was completed.  My life has been challenging because I was driven to create paths that hadn't been often traveled.  I am in my 39th year as an Independent Contractor, CEO and Construction Manager for all trades.  In addition, I have worked as a Builder, Property Developer and Superintendent, as well as, an over the road Professional Driver for one year.

I came from a hardworking background and now I am retiring to work hard for my country.  Americans are in danger of losing all our freedoms that we hold dear.  I want to maintain our State and Country as a "More Perfect Union" so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same fruits of their labor that I have.  We owe it to future generations, to leave this country and world, in a better condition than we received it.  My political experience has been a lifelong study of American and world history.  However, the last 6 years have been the most incredible.  It has been a steady climb, through the Grassroots ranks and I have met the best people and friends through this experience.  I felt a great need to not just talk but actually defend our Conservative Christian family values.  This is why I have placed my name as a candidate, in the race for Georgia State Senate #32.


No real changes can take place unless someone steps up to the plate to hold office and goes to bat for the team they wish to represent.  I will be the best Senator by bringing the core values of Faith, Family and our Constitution, to the table each and every time, unlike my opponent who has voted to benefit others but not the hard working people of Georgia.  You can trust I will represent an American long-term strategy of economy and strategic interest for our Nation and in particular to our great State of Georgia.  In the Senate, I will finally have a chance to meet the kind of people who can foster new concepts of Industry and Enterprise.  I will ensure the viability of Georgians, into the foreseeable future with Peace, Happiness and Prosperity. 

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